CBD Oil For Managing The Pain Of Fibromyalgia

CBD Oil than can be used in pain management for fibromyalgia patients

Fibromyalgia, a disease that affects the muscles and soft tissues in the body, is a disorder that causes musculoskeletal pain and amplified sensation of it as well as fatigue, sleep problems and memory issues. People associated with this disorder also complain of stiffness and tenderness at specific parts of their bodies. According to the National Institutes of Health, almost 90% of diagnosed people are women.

What Are The Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia?

  • Muscle spasms
  • Chronic muscle pain and tightness in the muscles
  • Stiffness in the joints, especially after waking in the morning
  • Difficulty in remembering, concentrating and inability to perform even simple everyday tasks
  • Fatigue, sleep disturbances and loss of sleep
  • Sensitivity to noise, bright lights, various odors, foods and cold
  • Headaches, anxiousness, and depression

Treatment Of Fibromyalgia

Although no complete cure is available, there are treatments which can help one to manage the agony and lead a normal life. One such treatment is through CBD hemp oil.

Does CBD Hemp Oil Really Treat Fibromyalgia?

CBD hemp oil is a hemp derived product containing high concentrations of cannabidiol, which can also be found in the cannabis plant. It is known that the cannabinoid substances interact with the receptors in our body’s pain-regulating system and help relieve the pain. Many patients have given positive feedback on using the hemp oil. One such testimonial given in the National Pain Report says that the patient markedly noticed a reduction in pain after using this product. Cannabinoid is also said to bind to microglial cells-associated with the symptoms—and hence reduce the painful sensations. A study conducted on 28 fibromyalgia patients has shown that there was a marked reduction in their body discomfort after use of this Cannabinoid.

How Does CBD Oil Help Patients?

It has been proved by several studies and research that cannabinoid is really helpful when it comes to handling pain. People who do not respond to traditional medication have been seen to improve with consumption of hemp oil.

  • Cannabinoid is found to be great for relaxation. The muscle spasms and pain can be reduced with its help & it can give you an agony free day.
  • It is also helpful in dealing with anxiety which can help you fight fatigue and sleep disturbances.
  • You will also feel relieved of headaches.
  • Cannabinoid is also proved to reduce depression to a certain level.

Overall, you can decrease your pain and discomfort level to a great extent and live a life with less of agony and pain-related symptoms.


One must be careful about the dosage. While very low to moderate dosages (25 mg) may relieve symptoms, high dosages may increase the discomfort. Although nothing is conclusive yet, Hemp oil does help to manage the agony during fibromyalgia and relive some of the symptoms. You are advised to consult your doctor and seek advice for further details.