Which Cbd Oil Products Work Best?

Often, most Cannabidiol users get confused on the best CBD products to use. Is it a vape, drops, capsules, gummies or paste? Well, like many things, the choice may ultimately depend on the intention of the user. What do they want? Is it a high concentration, taste, bioavailability, Time to take effect, cost or relaxation? We compare all the products from these parameters to determine the best product.

1. Vape

It is a great way Cannabidiol gets into the body in the form of tiny misty particles which are vaporized into the lungs and then quickly distributed into the blood vessels in the lungs.

2. Drops

The taking of Cannabidiol orally in the form of drops is another option. Patients are advised to place it under the tongue so that it can be absorbed into the bloodstream prior to going down into the stomach where it meets harsh acids. The one in the stomach is disintegrated into smaller particles which are easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

3. Capsules

The reason why most people prefer the capsules as a health supplement is because the risk of under-dosing and over-dosing is minimized. Additionally, they also do away with the health risks that are associated with smoking.

4. Gummies

Gummies they are known for their high quality and their great tastes. They have been rated as the greatest tasting edibles. Often, most people consider taste and quality as the factors that determine Gummies to purchase. Hence, the gummies are considered as the best edibles that help patients in their Cannabidiol medication.

5. Paste

TasteTastelessCreamyOily tasteTastelessSweet taste
Bioavailability50-60 percent40-50 percent15-20 percent15-20 percent10-15 percent
Time to effect15-20 min30-45 min20-30 min1 hours2 hours
CostModerate costVery expensiveModerate costModerate costExpensive

It is therefore recommended that consumers use drops to consume. Clearly, the concentration in CBD drops is moderate. Despite having a 15-20% bioavailability when compared to vape, more of it can be consumed but not excess to make up for the difference. The fact that it is meant to be medical, the moderate concentration and the bioavailability as well the relaxation effect combine to make it the best. What’s more, it is also the most affordable in the market