Does CBD Oil Work For Anxiety?

What is Anxiety?

Well, every one of us has experienced some sort of fear in life. Whether it is because of our examinations, the exam results, or some random phobias, each of us has gone through the adversity of these kinds at some point. So, this concludes that stress is totally normal. Now let’s conclude one more thing. If this stress is hindering your daily activities and is showing some symptoms, then it may no longer remain under this terminology, for now, it has to be labeled as anxiety. Technically, Anxiety disorder is a group of conditions where your stress and symptoms prevail in such a fashion that they stop you from performing your actual task or your routine activities.

It is a kind of emotion that is felt due to thinking of things that makes them worried, mental stress, and some changes in the body such as an increase in blood pressure. In most cases, anxiety is a healthy feeling and pretty much normal to experience. The only time anxiety is alarming is when it’s causing person distress or when a person is feeling excessive degrees of anxiety. This type of mental disorder changes a person’s behavior and the way emotion is processed. Anxiety may cause symptoms which are felt physically. Let’s discuss types of anxiety disorders and the fact of CBD for anxiety.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

According to psychologists, Anxiety Disorders is a term used collectively to classify the following psychological conditions:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder: This is due to a continuous feeling of tension whether there is no provoking factor or not. Those who manifest general anxiety disorder symptoms are likely to be expecting danger or unceasingly concern themselves of finances, family issues, health issues, school or work
  • Panic Disorder: This includes a sudden feeling of terror or having a feeling as if something is about to go wrong. Panic attacks are expected under this disorder.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder: Also known as social phobia, includes a conscious behavior due to the fear of being judged and watched by the people around you.
  • Phobias: Those who have this type of anxiety disorder are experiencing intense illogical fear towards a certain thing, a place, condition, or a living creature. This occurs specific to different things, for example, people who fear water are called ‘hydrophobic’, people who fear from heights are called ‘acrophobic’ etc. Those who have and are facing their specific phobia will feel extreme distress which will hinder them to function properly and could even lead to having panic attacks.

Symptoms of Anxiety

There are occasions when we worry about something and it doesn’t really take over your main emotions but nonetheless, you feel anxious for no reason at all. Worrying is an emotion you have that can change from one matter to another and the things that you worry about alters based on maturity. These are symptoms you might experience when you have a general anxiety disorder:

  • Having problems avoiding doubtfulness and worrying.
  • Thinking about normal situations as something that is dangerous.
  • You feel anxious about some things that are not the way they should be.
  • Thinking about normal situations as something that is dangerous.
  • Overthinking about solutions you can do to solve all the worst things that could possibly happen in a certain matter.
  • Failure to calm down when restless.
  • Having a blank mind and having trouble focusing.
  • Worrying about doing the wrong thing.

You may also experience some physical symptoms such as:

  • Aching of muscles
  • Sweating
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Feeling irritable
  • Quivering due to a feeling of intense emotion
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Tiredness

CBD Oil for Panic Attacks

We already know that CBD oil is doing wonders in the field of medicine due to its benefits in curing various diseases, while simultaneously being non-psychoactive which helps you to get treated without getting high. So along with general medicine, CBD oil has also started showing wonders in the psychology.

CBD for Anxiety

The following are the mechanisms by which CBD oil controls anxiety:

  • 5HT1A Receptor Agonist

If a person with anxiety uses CBD oil for its treatment, C this CBD works by acting on the 5HT1A receptor in our brain. This receptor modulation functions as an anxiolytic and shows neuroprotective effects.

  • Hippocampal Neurogenesis

The consumption of CBD has shown to cause proliferation of neurons in the hippocampus which in turn helps to sub-side anxiety.

  • Opioid Receptor Modulation

In some cases, anxiety is also caused by the activation of Mu-opioid receptors in our body. CBD acts as a modulator of this receptor and thus, regulates its activity causing a decrease in anxiety.

  • Anti-Inflammatory

Many cases of anxiety may be due to chronic neuroinflammation. If such is a condition, the inflammation may then lead to glial injury and cytokine abnormalities. The anti-inflammatory action of CBD helps to prevent these consequences.

CBD for Depression

CBD consumption also helps in the treatment of depression by modulating the 5HT1A receptor. This helps to decrease the absorption of serotonin, thus, increasing its availability in the brain which reduces depression.

CBD For Social Anxiety

Regarding CBD for social anxiety, a study that involved subjects who were divided into CBD and placebo groups, and was provided a simulation public speaking test, revealed that patients who were treated with CBD faced lesser symptoms of social anxiety than those who were on placebo. In yet another CBD anxiety study, there was a controlled program of 10 patients diagnosed with social anxiety, half of the subjects which were given CBD, whereas the rest were placed on placebos. According to the results, the patients consuming CBD had reduced anxiety symptoms with increased blood flow to different parts of the brain.

CBD Drops for Anxiety

Anxiety relief tincture’ claims to provide its consumers with healing properties of great potential, and that the medication is accompanied with psycho de-activating capacity. The boon can also be brought into use for overcoming the THC effects. It is a high CBD and low THC medication. For more details, visit the website of the product. It is also always advised to consult your doctor before going in for any new medicine.

How Much CBD For Anxiety?

If you want to go for CBD medication to treat your anxiety disorder, then your healthcare provider must be the only person whom you seek a bit of advice regarding the dosage. However, it has been observed that a dose of CBD to THC ratio of 10:1 always works the best for initial phases of treatment of depression, anxiety, pediatric seizure disorder, as well as spasms.


The use of CBD oil in different diseases of general medicine has also shown great effects on psychological disorders. Anxiety can easily be treated with the consumption of CBD oil for its beneficial effects are also proven by research. Being non-psychoactive in nature, one should not fear about being addicted to CBD use.