Can CBD Cure Cancer?

Cannabidiol is one of the many chemical components (more than 113) extracted from cannabis, a flowering plant belonging to the Cannabaceae family. It is reported and believed to have many medical uses, including the treatment of epilepsy and autism. There are also some growing calls that it may be the remedy that will win the battle against it. Cannabidiol prevents the growth and spreading of cancer cells. The icing on the cake is that it can cause this cells to die, a process known as apoptosis. Can CBD cure cancer? This is the question we will discuss and try to answer.

What Is Cancer?

It is an umbrella term that refers to several related diseases (at least 100). Cancer starts in the body cells, the building block of a person or any other living thing. A person is made up of millions of body cells, each with a specific function in the body. Under normal circumstances, the cells are constantly growing and dividing in order to form new ones. The new cells take the place of old cells, which die. The common denominator in all the cancer types is that the body cells divide (mutation) and spread (metastasis) uncontrollably, affecting surrounding tissues.

The development of cancer breaks down this orderly and natural cycle of cell growth, division, and death. It adds new cells, which divide uncontrollably and give rise to tumors. Some of the tumors (malignant) can travel via the lymph system or the blood, away from the point of origin, to several other body parts. Some tumors (benign) are big and always remain at the point of origin.


The types are distinguished by the tissues or organs they originate from. There are types of cancers that affect women only; for example, breast cancer and other types specific to men only, for example, prostate cancer.


Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • Unexplained bleeding – bleeding when coughing, vomiting or passing urine.
  • Lumps and swelling
  • Chest pains
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Night sweats
  • Headaches
  • Persistent sores
  • Persistent itching on the genital and anal areas

CBD Cancer Benefits

The cannabidiol works by counteracting how it is formed and sustained in the human body. Some of the ways in which it cures cancer are:

    • Anti-proliferative

Cancer cells grow and spread (proliferation) to the surrounding body tissue. CBD slows down the proliferation of several types such as prostate, lung and breast cancer.

    • Anti-metastatic

Malignant cancer cells move away from their point of origin and spread (metastasis) to several other organs. The CBD has an opposite effect and prevents the spreading of tumors to other organs.

    • Anti-angiogenesis

Tumors require blood to survive, and they acquire that blood through a process known as angiogenesis. When tumors manage to get blood, they grow in size to the point where they can easily affect the body’s normal functionality. Cannabidiol helps to minimize the tumors’ capacity to create blood vessels, and hence stop them from growing.

    • Apoptosis

Healthy human body cells eventually die (apoptosis) in order to pave way for new ones. Unfortunately, cancerous cells do not die. Cannabidiol is able to initiate apoptosis in cancerous cells, resulting in the ‘welcome’ death of cancerous cells.

CBD Oil Cancer Dosage

On average, 60ml of cannabidiol is enough to cure. It is recommended that a patient takes the treatment in 90 days, although some people might require more time. Here are a few tips on the dosage:

  • The dosage should be small for the first week and then doubled thereafter.
  • The patient is advised to take 3 doses a day. Each dose is equivalent to half the size of white rice grain.
  • Between 30 – 35 days, the patient should be able to take one gram or CBD oil per day.
  • Some people took a daily dose of 2 grams per day.
  • At the end of the treatment, patients are advised to continue taking cannabidiol, although the dose has to be reduced – 1 gram per month.

Note that at the end of the treatment, withdraw symptoms were noticed in a number of people. Some of the symptoms include panic attacks, lack of motivation, insomnia, sex drive problems, sweats and failure to focus.

CBD Oil Cancer Testimonials

There are some people who survived cancer because of CBD oil. Some of the success stories are listed below:

  • Darren Miller of Illinois was diagnosed with stage 4 in July 2015. At the age of 50, he was given only six months to live. Miller turned to cannabidiol and is now cancer free.
  • Dennis Hill, a biochemist, cured himself of stage 4 prostate with the help of CBD oil.

Final Words

As people continue to debate whether cannabidiol should be used for medical purposes or not, there is growing evidence that CBD cures cancer. As more cases will be documented of people healed by CBD, may be the oil will be readily available to more patients, and help save lives.